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k. hall studios creates fine fragrance goods for the home, bath, and body such as natural wax candles, triple milled bar soap, and shea butter hand cream. Their simple packaging and creative design aesthetic lends itself well in any setting. k. hall designs, barr-co. and simpatico prides itself on creating quality goods while keeping the environment in mind.

min opening: $500 / reorder:$100

k. hall studios

handcrafted in small batches using naturally wholesome ingredients, barr-co. produces all-natural, paraben- and chemical-free bath and body products.

simpatico products pay homage to nature and the fond memories of simpler times by combining honest and pure scents with beautifully crafted snail glass candles and reed diffusers.

us apothecary offers fragrance, bath, body and home products that combine ancient homeopathic remedies with superior design and exquisite fragrances, using premium botanicals and plant extracts.

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